Battle for a Streamlined Policy On Europe’s Agricultural Subsidies

Agricultural stakeholders are calling for the EU to reform the Common Agricultural Policy. This is a lavish

subsidy that uses 38 percent of EU funds to pay out farmers. For many years the main beneficiaries are rich families and large

farms. Some of the powerful lobbies have started fighting for these treasured CAP payments. The Save Our Subsidies is a great battle set to happen next year. Consultations on how to save the CAP will start in January. Currently, pressure is mounting for a streamlined agricultural policy.


The Common Agricultural Policy has been funding groups like English dukes and members of the large FrieslandCampina dairy company. The latter has billions of euros in sales. This money is expected to save tied-down farmers who need a boost. Almost 80 percent of the funds go to 20 percent of wealthy beneficiaries. This is according to the European Commission reports. Environmentalists also argue that favoring big commercial farms has contributed to methane emissions and soil degradation.


Some influential farmer lobbies including the Committee Of Professional Agricultural Organization (COPA) want the agricultural policy to be streamlined. They want it to be done in the next budget review which will see its completion by end of the year 2017. Environmentalists also want it to be more environmentally accountable. These Wicked Pictures discounts demands are growing as Brexit and the weak eurozone are depleting EU reserves. The allocation protests are already reaching a high pitch.


Martin Merrild, CEO of Copa said that CAP needs improvement, not reform. He said that farmers should invest in new technologies to promote a cleaner environment instead of using direct subsidies to fight climate change. On the other hand, Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan calls for an environmentally sensitive CAP. Agricultural Co-operation in the European Union under the leadership of Thomas Magnusson vowed to block any attempts of cutting down subsidies. He pointed out that there are many agricultural challenges that can be addressed by Common Agricultural Policy.