The Vision:
15Thousand Farmers helps create, empower, and inspire fifteen thousand new, sustainable, backyard/front yard farmers in Louisville, KY to
feed their families and themselves! How? By using simple and easy instructions, checklists, materials and ongoing support provided through local growers and resources that will provide everything needed to start growing food in our yards, on decks or in community gardens.

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How to Grow Food Simply!

We'll teach you everything you need to know to start growing a simple and easy food and herb garden in your yard. We’ll provide everything you need to become a sustainable backyard farmer – diagrams, instructions and checklists and ongoing support.

You’ll learn what to plant and where, when to plant, and how to keep the garden growing all year long. We’ll supply you with instructions on how to create simple and easy compost piles in your backyard to keep the nutrients abounding in your garden and how to save seeds after the growing season to prepare for the next Spring.

What will 15Thousand sustainable food growers mean to us here in Louisville?

• We’ll learn we can plant a seed and feed ourselves!

And as we grow our own food, we can grow the community in our neighborhoods. We can meet our neighbors around a common interest – sharing growing secrets, trading special vegetables or herbs and seeds!

• We take back our power of choice!  As we grow our own food, we begin to realize we have a choice to take charge of things we hold dear – abundant, inexpensive, delicious, nutritious sustainable food, sharing it with friends, saving money we usually spend at the grocery, reconnect with nature just outside our back door, making new friends in our neighborhood with a common interest, helping transform this community and the world.

• As we grow our food locally, we reduce our dependence on foreign oil as we buy less stuff that has been shipped in by truck, train or plane from distant states or countries.

• Sustainable growing sequesters carbon faster than any other current technology.  So as we plant and grow our food, we powerfully affect climate change.

• Growing our own food in the neighborhood is fun and anyone can do it, from age three to 103!!!